9% FUELED!!! Arigato! Gracias! Mahalo! Danke! Grazie! Merci!

The #SciFund challenge is proving to be a whopping success.  With 50 participating researchers from 40 different universities from nearly every continent, it raised $14,ooo in only 2 days!  You, our fans, have been a huge part of its success.  Thank you so much for supporting your students & researchers. Okay, so what about YOUR […]

Levi has joined the #SciFund Challenge!

Please Support My Research! Support Levi’s Research on “Saving Hawaii’s Coral Reefs!” Please visit Levi’s SciFund proposal, “Saving Hawaii’s Coral Reefs,” and if inspired, you can donate a little or a lot to: (1) support his PhD research (2) help save Hawaii’s reefs and (3) receive a number of cool prizes in return. Thanks for your […]