November’s Monthly Mentions

1) SCIFUND SUCCESS CONTINUES Thanks to the generosity of 13 fuelers, I’ve reached 17% of my $5,000 research target.  The good news is that (1) this has already reached an important threshold that allows me to travel and conduct experiments, (2) there are still 26 days to go and (3) there are still 26 daysContinue reading “November’s Monthly Mentions”

9% FUELED!!! Arigato! Gracias! Mahalo! Danke! Grazie! Merci!

The #SciFund challenge is proving to be a whopping success.  With 50 participating researchers from 40 different universities from nearly every continent, it raised $14,ooo in only 2 days!  You, our fans, have been a huge part of its success.  Thank you so much for supporting your students & researchers. Okay, so what about YOURContinue reading “9% FUELED!!! Arigato! Gracias! Mahalo! Danke! Grazie! Merci!”

Levi has joined the #SciFund Challenge!

Please Support My Research! Support Levi’s Research on “Saving Hawaii’s Coral Reefs!” Please visit Levi’s SciFund proposal, “Saving Hawaii’s Coral Reefs,” and if inspired, you can donate a little or a lot to: (1) support his PhD research (2) help save Hawaii’s reefs and (3) receive a number of cool prizes in return. Thanks for yourContinue reading “Levi has joined the #SciFund Challenge!”