Hanging with the Pacific Voyagers

For millenia, Polynesian cultures have navigated vast swaths of the Pacific using canoes and sailing vessels such as the vaka moana. In a recent effort to celebrate Polynesian culture and bring attention to the importance of presevering our oceans, a group known as the Pacific Voyagers have embarked on a sailing expedition from New Zealand,Continue reading “Hanging with the Pacific Voyagers”

Thanks to all SciFunders!

The first Rockethub.com SciFund campaign has ended and I was honored and excited to participate! My deepest thanks goes out to the 32 family members, friends, and trusting environmental stewards who generously contributed to my project “Saving Hawaii’s Coral Reefs.” In sum, we received 34 contributions from 32 fuelers, totaling $1,815.00. This is a HUGEContinue reading “Thanks to all SciFunders!”