The development, execution, and completion of a thesis is like raising a child.

I am currently between a 6 & 7 with my oldest (MS) and a 4 & 5 with my youngest (PhD). Some might prefer the roller coaster analogy; but to me, the development, execution, and completion of a thesis is more than just a carnival ride. What do I know about raising a child (i.e., […]

Visiting the Most Remote Islands On Earth

In Fall 2010, I had the opportunity to join a research cruise to some of the most remote, beautiful, and megafauna-rich islands in the world:  the Northern Line Islands.  We went scuba diving daily, hanging with giant snappers, sharks, and mantas.  We were surrounded by coral gardens with such complexity that it’s hard to describe […]

“I can harvest light with no chloroplasts”

Last quarter, for my phycology (algae) class, I needed to create something artistic with an algal focus.  After pondering various types of foods, visual art, and algal-based food and drinking apparatuses (not “apparati”); I realized my moment.  I love writing poetry/song.  I love making movies.  I love music.  Thus spawned my music video:  “Chloroplasts”  

His Holiness shares his views on science and compassion.

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama visited UCSD yesterday and Scripps Institution of Oceanography today.  I was honored to serve as the student representative of SIO at the lunch and panel discussion in the Paine Forum.   I have not studied his teachings or read his books, but I have listened to some of his lectures.  […]

American Fisheries Society, 2012, San Diego

Fishing and fisheries science are what originally piqued my interest in the biological and environmental sciences.  I’ve been a member of the American Fisheries Society (AFS) for nearly a decade now and was honored when my close friend and colleague Jim Hobbs, the president-elect of the California-Nevada Branch of AFS, asked me to serve on […]