The Day I Thought I Burned Down Lahaina

“Dude, didn’t you leave your sediments drying in the oven?” These were the (not so) soothing words from Clint as we approached an inferno bellowing black mushroom clouds of smoke directly from the vicinity of our Lahaina residence (aka Mark’s house).  The next 4 traffic lights took an eternity, but in the end, we learnedContinue reading “The Day I Thought I Burned Down Lahaina”

How (& why) to cage & feed an urchin

“Urchin prisons” is what Clint (my dive buddy) calls them. Below are pictures from our in situ (in the field) grazing assays exploring the rates and preferences of herbivorous sea urchins in Hawaii.  Why do this?  Urchins are important consumers of algae on tropical coral reefs.  Without urchins, algae may grow unchecked and smother theContinue reading “How (& why) to cage & feed an urchin”

Good Kine Overfishing

INVASIVE SPECIES are those that, due to human activities, have proliferated in areas where they naturally would not.  In Hawaii, the peacock grouper (roi), blue-line snapper (ta’ape) and another snapper (toau) are predatory fishes that were introduced to the main Hawaiian islands many decades ago.  They’ve since proliferated and are believed to be both competingContinue reading “Good Kine Overfishing”