Convinced to Blog by a Roaming Frog

A frogfish visited me yesterday while I was working.  Strangest thing–it seemed like a sign.  All summer I’ve been uploading a hoard of unnamed anonymous pix to Facebook for friends to see.  Then this big boy shows up, hanging out bright yellow in the middle of a sand patch, nowhere near the lobe coral with which he has at least a slight chance of blending in.  He must have had an important message to share…I could see it in his eyes.  Okay, I get it, you deserve more than a Facebook upload.  So here I am in the middle of my PhD and I’m coerced into starting a blog by this roaming frog…as if there’s time.  Well, let’s see how this goes.

Frogfish on a walkabout.
This big boy came to visit us while we were working on a grazing assay.

Published by Levi

Immersed in a PhD program that defines, rules & schedules my life; in a good way.

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