Friends, family, and colleagues,[1] I’m happy to announce that I will be defending my PhD Dissertation on Monday Sept 19, 2016 (10am).  There will be both science and likely poetry about science[2]; followed later by libations, food, and merriment (2-5:30), and eventually beach games & sunset (5:30-dark). Note:  though not guaranteed, let’s assume I pass the defense  🙂 Schedule (all happening on MondayContinue reading “LEVI LEWIS: DOCTORAL DEFENSE 9/19 10AM”

Orlando, M16s, and antibiotics

My heart goes out to you, Orlando, and all affected. Orlando club shooter used AR-15 — the same rifle used in Newtown ……………………………………………………………………………………….      “Americas most popular” AR-15 (M16) assault rifles strike our own people again and again and again. What’s the solution?  Well, anti-biotics will never stop all bacterial infections, but they have consistentlyContinue reading “Orlando, M16s, and antibiotics”

TRUMP – Sources, Videos, Citations

I appreciate debate.  And I do understand the appeal of Trump and don’t deny that he he exhibits some attractive qualities.  He promises to overhaul immigration, pull out/renegotiate trade agreements, bring back jobs to US soil, and “Make America Great Again”; all sound like potentially good things.  Initially, he even espoused some pretty liberal positions on theContinue reading “TRUMP – Sources, Videos, Citations”

It’s not a sprint…

It’s a marathon.  Rather, it’s a marathon-length obstacle course.  Rather, it’s a marathon length obstacle course throughout which one must sprint (and jump, climb, dive, bleed, cry, swim, crawl…you get the idea). They say I’m lucky, and I am.  But perspective means everything. This has been quite a busy 2013: February:  Maui Research March: DissertationContinue reading “It’s not a sprint…”

Strangely Stoked

I regularly find myself strangely stoked…well…life is good like that. I’m stoked I’m in Maui again.  I’m stoked that Maui is getting much needed rain.  I’m stoked to be wet and cold, daily. I’m stoked for short intervals of dry/calmness.  I’m stoked my dive buddy has busted butt, though southern storms, sediments, swell, & tigasContinue reading “Strangely Stoked”

Descent/Ascent into/from the House of the Sun

I’m in Maui. Daily, I hope for nothing less than warm days, beads of sweat on my brow, scuba tanks, warm water, sandy beaches, and tropical drinks with little straw hats.  So it seemed insane to me that my friends wanted to drive 10,000 feet into the sky to scope out a mountain/volcano; beyond theContinue reading “Descent/Ascent into/from the House of the Sun”