Friends, family, and colleagues,[1]

I’m happy to announce that I will be defending my PhD Dissertation on Monday Sept 19, 2016 (10am).  There will be both science and likely poetry about science[2]; followed later by libations, food, and merriment (2-5:30), and eventually beach games & sunset (5:30-dark).

Note:  though not guaranteed, let’s assume I pass the defense  🙂

Schedule (all happening on Monday 9/19 @ Scripps Inst. Oceanography, directions below):

10-11:30    Defense  (Seaside Forum, aka “Bob Paine Scripps Forum”) [3]
2-5:30        Celebration (Surfside, aka “Revelle Student Family Center”) [4]
5:30-7        Beach time (down the steps from the Surfside parking lot)

Thank you for contributing to my success and quality of life as a researcher, student, educator, and human being[5]; I will be ever and unfathomably[6] grateful.  I would be honored if you would join us for the defense, celebration, and sunset (or any combination); though I recognize this is not possible for many of you.[7]

Thanks again for all your support and inspiration; I look forward to celebrating this day[8] with many of you on September 19th!  [9]


(Soon 2B, “Dr.”) Levi Lewis[10]


[1] also distant acquaintances, friends of varying degrees of separation, and friendly nemeses

[2] science will dominate, you know, since that is what this is about,but art will be blended in.

[3] SEAside (defense) DIRECTIONS HERE (aka “Bob Paine Scripps Seaside Forum”)

[4] SURFside (celebration) DIRECTIONS HERE  (aka “Revelle Family Student Center”)

[5] Warning:  first three may interfere with the fourth!

[6] even with the fanciest of high-freq./narrow-beam sonars; it’s “sub-hadal”, to the “inner core”

[7] If you are abroad, however, this is a great excuse to come to San Diego; if local, a great excuse to come to the beach; if you don’t like the beach, a great opportunity for food, drinks, music and wonderful people; if not for celebrations, maybe you’ll enjoy the science;  and if none of this interests you, understandable, but you should probably talk to somebody about it…maybe Tiff.  🙂

[8] The day a doctor of philosophy emerges, transformed, from its dissertation cocoon (more like a beetle than a butterfly, but still altered from my current “larva/pupa/grub = student” phase).

[9] I will be starting a postdoctoral research position @ UC Davis in late-October; however, I’ll be working in San Diego for part of that time!  🙂

[10] Still the same “geek” you’ve always known (not to be confused with a “dork” or “nerd,” CLICK HERE TO SEE THE DIFFERENCE)

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