Strangely Stoked

I regularly find myself strangely stoked…well…life is good like that.

I’m stoked I’m in Maui again.  I’m stoked that Maui is getting much needed rain.  I’m stoked to be wet and cold, daily. I’m stoked for short intervals of dry/calmness.  I’m stoked my dive buddy has busted butt, though southern storms, sediments, swell, & tigas (sharks).  I’m stoked we survived a Kona shore pound.   I’m stoked we were able to fix my cages.  I’m stoked we’re done collecting heaps of data from all over the island.  I’m stoked the swell was popping today.  I’m stoked I caught two waves before catching my sacred spear/board (Djoubiti) to the face.  I’m stoked I split my forehead and not my eye.  I’m stoked to be surfing again tomorrow.  I’m stoked I tried a new pizza joint to the horror of my Maui mentor.  I’m stoked I have a couple days off to write.  I’m stoked for incessant cetacean serenades. I’m stoked I enjoyed Chasing Mavericks.  I’m stoked my data are sound, but overwhelming.  I’m stoked to be sleeping on the floor.  I’m stoked to have exchanged sleep for hanging out with lab mates, Maui friends, bocces & brews.  I’m stoked for not scratching on the 8 ball. I’m stoked to be driving around like a soccer mom.  I’m stoked to have gone to Maui “salsa” night, which apparently, HERE, is synonymous with “polka.”   I’m stoked to be sore, tired, and feel like I’m living life.  I’m stoked to be stressing over my quals.  I’m stoked to be able to get 7 hrs of sleep.   Strangely, I’m simply stoked.

Published by Levi

Immersed in a PhD program that defines, rules & schedules my life; in a good way.

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