American Fisheries Society, 2012, San Diego

Fishing and fisheries science are what originally piqued my interest in the biological and environmental sciences.  I’ve been a member of the American Fisheries Society (AFS) for nearly a decade now and was honored when my close friend and colleague Jim Hobbs, the president-elect of the California-Nevada Branch of AFS, asked me to serve on the executive committee and help him plan this year’s meeting in San Diego.

President elect (Jim Hobbs, left) giving an award to the current president (Mike Saiki, right).

We (mostly he) put together a great meeting with amazing plenary talks by Greg Caillet (fish aging technology & it’s importance), Larry Allen (declines & recoveries of CA seabasses), Brad Erisman (Mexican corvina fisheries), Oscar Sosa (Mexican Fishing Regulations), and Laura Rogers-Bennett (invertebrate fisheries).  Sessions included talks on fish health, salmon research, genetics, Sacramento Delta issues, and many more.

The conference included a field trip to the Hubbs White Seabass Hatchery which was informative and a ton of fun.

We hosted many social gatherings for researchers to mingle and swap ideas.  The final raffle raised a ton of funds for students and the goldfish races were quite entertaining.  Professional consultants (e.g., ECORP) judged and awarded a number of student awards.

Overall, it was a great meeting and I really enjoyed hanging with the people and studying the topics that originally inspired me to pursue a career in science.

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