In Fall 2010, I had the opportunity to join a research cruise to some of the most remote, beautiful, and megafauna-rich islands in the world:  the Northern Line Islands.  We went scuba diving daily, hanging with giant snappers, sharks, and mantas.  We were surrounded by coral gardens with such complexity that it’s hard to describe or imagine (scientists call it 150% coral cover; it makes sense to us).  The dive team was a combination of researchers and research supporters who were all wonderful, fun, and adventurous.  From the beds of iridescent-blue giant clams, acres of coral thickets and spires, and tornadoes of metallic schooling predatory jacks emerged a clear vision of what ‘pristine’ really means.  I was inspired to make a video to document the trip…enjoy:

About Levi

Immersed in a PhD program that defines, rules & schedules my life; in a good way.

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  1. Rita Anguiz says:

    Hey Levi, Just watched your Line Islands Expedition. Wow! What an exciting and interesting trip! So proud of all the things you are accompllishing and experiencing that some of us will never get to! Thanks for sharing your amazing videos. Makes me want to go some where to snorkle. Aunt Rita PS If you know a place in Tucson, fill me in. ha

    • Levi says:

      Thanks Aunt Rita! Glad you enjoyed the vid…would love to feature you in one if I get the chance. Not so much in Tucson, but if you get the itch to venture to Maui in Aug-Sept, I’ll rock your snorkeling world 4 sure…just ask your sister. (~; Hope all’s well in AZ…spread my luv around to the fam for me!

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