Maui Nightlife

We’re back in Maui to check on experiments and collect data. This round, Clint Edwards (labmate) has joined me & it’s been a great adventure.  We’ve been working hard and playing hard.  Tonight, we ventured out with Don & Mark to use UV lights to capture Fluoresceine die oozing from some previously labeled wastewater seeps.  We weren’t sure what we would find; and we were shocked to find an amazing psychedelic light show on the new moon.  In addition we were surrounded by a wonderful array of wildlife; most notably, a moray eel tearing into the flesh of a freshly-captured brown tang.

For the Maui nightlife, one might expect liquor, dancing, feasting, & light shows.  Well, we found liquid, dancing, feasting & light shows; albeit, all submarine.

Fluorescein oozing from the reef:

Moray carnage:

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