The Day I Thought I Burned Down Lahaina

“Dude, didn’t you leave your sediments drying in the oven?”

These were the (not so) soothing words from Clint as we approached an inferno bellowing black mushroom clouds of smoke directly from the vicinity of our Lahaina residence (aka Mark’s house).  The next 4 traffic lights took an eternity, but in the end, we learned that the blaze was directly adjacent to our apartment complex–likely started by the homeless camp (“tent city”) nestled in the thick shrubbery of an adjacent abandoned lot.  The flames danced a menacing 100 meters from our complex, choking out the sun with nauseating plumes of toxic smoke.

After negotiating with the police, we were allowed back into the house where my sediment samples remained safely in the oven; dry, happy, & ready to be weighed.  No property was lost.  No one was injured.  No billion dollar liability was leveraged.  But the hypothetical reality of it all had solidly set in & my nerves could only be settled by some serious libations set deeply within the ambiance of an upbeat ukulele.

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Immersed in a PhD program that defines, rules & schedules my life; in a good way.

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