A New Angle on Angling

I grew up angling with da hook n line kine & will always love bobbing around on the ocean, trying to convince a fish to accept my presentation.  It’s a beautiful art, wonderful adventure, and a keen way to be a part of nature.

However, I recently had the opportunity to do a little spear fishing in Maui with my buddy Clint.  He had ordered some spears to do some preliminary work for a project on the feeding behaviors of black durgeon triggerfish (Melichthys niger or humu humu ele ele).  After our fist dive, I realized that I’ve found a new love & passion.  The spear-fishing experience is far more intimate than hook & line:  to see the fish, dance with the fish, & spear the fish; all while holding your breath & avoiding the circling sharks & seals.  It’s quite the organic experience.  Clearly this has put a new angle on my angling career; though it has become quite clear that fishing is to spear fishing, as trapping is to hunting.  With a spear in hand, you are no longer a fisherman–you are a hunter (& possibly the hunted).


The movie below is not ours (praise be!), but we did have a smaller shark & a ginormous monk seal cruise up on us while we were fishing, pretty much like this:

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