Levi has joined the #SciFund Challenge!

Please Support My Research!

Support Levi’s Research on “Saving Hawaii’s Coral Reefs!”

Please visit Levi’s SciFund proposal, “Saving Hawaii’s Coral Reefs,” and if inspired, you can donate a little or a lot to:

(1) support his PhD research
(2) help save Hawaii’s reefs and
(3) receive a number of cool prizes in return.

Thanks for your consideration & support!

About Levi:
Levi is a PhD student at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.  For his dissertation, he is studying the causes of reef decline in Maui, Hi and trying to figure out how to save them.

Levi’s Website: https://accretinglife.wordpress.com/about/

About The SciFund Challenge:

SciFund is a novel opportunity for scientists to propose their research to the public and receive support for their ideas via Crowdfunding.  Crowdfunding is a new way to propose ideas to your friends & the public, via internet, and receive small donations that can sum to significant amounts that allow one to pursue their dreams.  Thanks again for your interest & support!

Published by Levi

Immersed in a PhD program that defines, rules & schedules my life; in a good way.

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