9% FUELED!!! Arigato! Gracias! Mahalo! Danke! Grazie! Merci!

The #SciFund challenge is proving to be a whopping success. 

With 50 participating researchers from 40 different universities from nearly every continent, it raised $14,ooo in only 2 days!  You, our fans, have been a huge part of its success.  Thank you so much for supporting your students & researchers.

Okay, so what about YOUR project Levi?

As of day 4/45, we find my project at 9% FUELED!!!  Wow!  This is amazing…I never would have expected such a great response.  You guys are too wonderful, too giving.  I’m seriously humbled. Some would say that being at $420 has special metaphysical meaning and that I should celebrate accordingly.  Salient point; however, I have to preserve what brain cells I have left for my research.


It was Paul who broke the ice for me…which makes sense since he works in Antarctica.  It was a surprising beginning; however, one which I’m sure I’ll get to hear about for the rest of my life in lines like, “Levi, you know you’re famous because of me” or, “I should be an author because I got you the funding” or “dude, do you have $10, I need a beer” (an expensive beer).  Maybe he did it to be funny.  Maybe Ironic.  Maybe to be good guy.  Cancel the last one.  Whatever the reason Paul, thanks for getting this ball rolling…you can say whatever you like, you’ll always be my first fueler.

After Paul, seven more fuelers contributed to coral salvation:

Don from Maui, who took many of the beautiful photographs that you see in my presentations & movies, and continues to give when he knows I said he’s already given too much.  Don has already supported my work through his ideas, ingenuity, and blood, sweat & tears…he’s the McGizmo that keeps on giving.  Thanks Don!

My “favorite” aunt Julie, who just stepped out well beyond the realm of giving bubble gum as gifts (note to all aunts: this is your chance to become my favorite).  My favorite thing about my aunt Julie (besides her beautiful smiling face), is her jovial laughter and keen sense for fashion (you remember that sweet rimmed beannie…that was dope).

Nathan my ex roommie:  Che supporter, flaming liberal, and champion of farm workers rights came through for me too.  I miss those long debates we’d have, followed by a beer and accusing each other of talking too much.  Nathan was a roommate from heaven, which is ironic since he’s an athiest.  Can an athiest come from heaven?  If a tree falls in the forest? I digress.  Thanks Nathan!  Was this your attempt to make up for those bets you lost & never paid out?  lol.  Let’s call it good!

Hiroki: a good friend from Japan (student at UCD-SDSU) who reminds me of an energizer bunny.  Hiroki is studying the Earth’s climate using large towers that are set up from Alaska to San Diego.  I introduced Hiroki to his first marshmallow, ever, and now I’m pretty sure his teeth are mad at me…good thing his teeth don’t write the checks.  Thanks Hiroki!

Penny:  the glue that holds everything together within CMBC (at school), and deserves way more credit than she gets.  I often think of her as “Miss Moneypenny” (everyone asks her for money), but figure that’s about as creative and new as people calling me “Levi’s 501 Blues”, so I refrain (until now).  Penny is probably the biggest advocate for students at Scripps, and while her generosity here is not surprising, it is entirely unnecessary and, even more so, fully appreciated.  Thanks Penny!

Elizabeth :  I greatly appreciate your contribution!!!  Please shoot me a line (lewis.sci@gmail.com) so we can catch up and I can share more about you.  Many thanks!

Stephanie:  she has been the angel hovering over me, making sure I don’t fall off cliffs, step into puddles, get hit by trains, etc.  She has been my primary source of friendship, warmth, patience, kindness and encouragement.   However, what I like least about her is how badly she beats me at speed scrabble.  I mean, common; you could at least let me catch up and then pull away again.  That’s what I do for Sonnet (her daughter) when we play games.  lol. Thanks Steph!  Your gift is majorly appreciated, though minute compared to all else you’ve already given me.

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