November’s Monthly Mentions


Thanks to the generosity of 13 fuelers, I’ve reached 17% of my $5,000 research target.  The good news is that (1) this has already reached an important threshold that allows me to travel and conduct experiments, (2) there are still 26 days to go and (3) there are still 26 days to go.  Thanks so much to my fans, friends, colleagues and all other supporters who’ve shown that they care for my work.  I look forward to sharing pictures, stories & findings from the work that you are helping me accomplish!

If you’d like to contribute to Levi’s efforts to save the reefs, click on the image to the right.  Mahalo!


Two weeks ago I watched the Chargers play at Qualcomm Stadium with my sis.   It was windy, raining, and the Chargers were playing terribly; but it was all pretty AWESOME watching from inside the owners box…yes the OWNERS BOX!  Never thought I’d be served a 3-course meal while watching football at Qualcomm.  I was like, “Did that just happen?”  Yes Levi, it did.  Despite the wet conditions and the sloppy play, I’ve gotta say, I had one of the funnest & most memorable football cheering sessions I can recall.  Muchas gracias mi hermana!

Win or lose, Chargers football from the owners box is pretty sweet.

3) WSN-sanity Ensures!!!

The Western Society of Naturalists:  a bunch of professors and students that study the oceans.  It is a phenomenal conference filled with interesting and cutting edge marine science.  It’s also a bit wild, crazy & fun.  Being on the student committee was a blast–I planned student workshops, helped run the student auction and participated fully in all other activities.  We even dressed up as pirates and trotted through the crowd displaying and dispersing auction items….then proceeded to cut a rug on the dance floor, in costume of course.  On a more professional level, I presented the results of my first field season in Maui and met with several other researchers t0 discuss new research ideas.  Overall, I’d say the conference was both pleasant and productive.


I’m getting ready to go back to the field.  Why?  To check on long-term experiments.  That, and because the whales have arrived in Maui.

Not the main reason to go back to Maui, but not a bad one either.

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