Pau Hana Maui

I just returned home from another 3-wk trip to Maui.  This trip, I inspected and confirmed that all experiments were still in place,  cleaned & repaired equipment, and collected additional data.  If you need a refresher, you can read about our projects here (last 3).

I also scheduled some free time with my good friend, Maui roommate, and future dive buddy Mark. We had a lot of fun hanging out! Shenanigans included Gabriel Iglesias (LIVE), MBC, Don’s winter wonderland, Lulu’s pool & bevs, etc.  We also got to hang out with Meg D on several occasions, and much of Makai Watch folks (incl. CORAL & DAR).

Gabriel (LIVE!) was hot, fluffy and hilarious!

My dive buddy this trip was Mindi Summers, also a student at Scripps.  She was a huge help, a lot of fun, and great in the water.  We swam all over the island, collecting water samples, scrubbing CAU cages, deploying SeaFETs, harassing urchins, and gawking at sea turtles, humpback whales, mantas, nudibranchs, and a tigermokacuda.   Work hard, play hard; I need a (short) vacation from Maui.  ;~)

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